THE MUSICAL CLOCK: musical & automaton clocks & watches

by Arthur W. J. G. Ord-Hume
The first book to detail the history and development of all types of musical clocks and watches in Britain, Continental Europe and the USA. It deals with clocks that play music on bells, organs, strings, combs, or a combination of these, as well as automaton work which was often associated with musical clocks and watches. There is much new information on both the mechanisms and the music played as well as an extensive list of clockmakers worldwide who made musical clocks. Comprehensive bibliography and index. This book is extensively illustrated with numerous diagrams and many photographs, some in colour.Many of these are of important clocks which have never been illustrated before.

  • Preface
  • Acknowledgements
  • Introduction
  • Chiming Clocks & Their Chimes
  • Musical Clock Classification
  • Carillon-Playing Clocks
  • Organ-Playing Clocks
  • String-Playing Clocks
  • Comb-Playing Clocks
  • Compound Musical Clocks
  • Automaton Clocks
  • Musical & Automaton Watches
  • Musical Programmes & the Tunes Played
  • Mechano-Musical Considerations
  • Makers of Musical & Automaton Clocks & Watches
  • Bibliography
  • Discography
  • Index

The Author
Arthur Ord-Hume is an acknowledged authority and author on all aspects of mechanical music, who has advised on musical boxes and musical clocks to museums round the world. He is also the author of Restoring Musical Boxes & Musical Clocks.

What the reviewers say:
The whole book is stuffed with photographs and most useful are those showing movements and mechanisms ... a comprehensive book on the subject which will appeal both to the general public and to the scholar. As it fills a very obvious gap in the material written on horology, no one interested in the subject should be without it.
Antiquarian Horology